Delivering the finest in world of interiors

Creating a design project, ordering and installing a kitchen is not an easy task in all aspects. Without a ready-to-work and impeccable kitchen, you can not celebrate a housewarming party. We provide our customers with a full range of services for installing kitchens on a turn-key basis.
 We have great expertise in all stages of the complex process of ordering a kitchen:

- We carefully select factories and manufacturers of kitchen furniture and appliances in Italy, Germany and Switzerland and take into account both positive and negative experience with them;

- We help in editing an existing design project of our customers' kitchen or create a new one;

- We select and order all the built-in equipment;

- We place an order with the best and trusted suppliers and deliver it in a reasonable time, we carry out all the installation work and the connection of the equipment.

We only work with factories that meet three criteria:
- the best ratio of price and quality,

- great service,

- Excellent design.

However, if you do not find a factory in our list, just e-mail us, and we will consider the conditions for working with it.